Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

是什么程度的通货膨胀,和它是如何伤害工作吗Applicants and Employers?

How many readers have had the experience of finding their dream job on an online job board, scrolling down through the job description with delight, only to hit the job requirements section to find a qualification they lacked? It could be years of experience, type of experience, certification, or licensure, for example. Or, education. The […]

Unhappiness is Contagious: Navigating the Low Turnover Phenomenon

In the current economic landscape, where unemployment rates are at their lowest in decades, an intriguing paradox has emerged, and we are experiencing an unexpected trend: Employees are staying put. Employees across industries are choosing to remain in their jobs, not out of a profound love for their work or unwavering loyalty to their employers, […]

Recent Hiring Data Shows Labor Market Slowing but Still Strong

The labor market has always been a reflection of broader economic trends and sentiments. Recent hiring data paints a picture of a paradox: while hiring has shown signs of slowing down, the labor market remains robust. This resilience, despite various economic challenges, offers a fascinating insight into the evolving dynamics of the U.S. job market. […]

Virtual Reality is the Future of Employee Training

From operating an oil rig in the middle of the ocean to active shooter drills, much of the cost, complexity, and danger in training can be reduced or eliminated by incorporating VR technology. Traditional training methods require classrooms with paid instructors, equipment, learning tools, and occasionally travel expenses. Most companies simply don’t have the budgets […]

3 Ways Conversational AI Can Help You with Strategic Recruitment

It seems like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all over the news these days. ChatGPT seemed to take the world by storm in 2023, and there’s no indication that the AI craze is going to loosen up any time soon. In fact, it seems clear that AI is only going to become more and more relevant […]

How Much Does a Bad Hire Actually Cost? Why Talent Professionals Must Know

There are numerous estimates concerning the actual cost of a bad hire. These estimates range from 3 months’ salary to 3 times the annual salary of the position. While generic estimates provide a starting point, they only go so far. To truly showcase the value of the talent acquisition department—and to illustrate how much it […]

Embrace the Global Workforce with Minimal Risk and Maximum Reward

In today’s interconnected world, traditional workforce concepts are rapidly changing. Some might even argue they have all but evaporated. As technology advances and communication barriers diminish, companies increasingly are tapping into the global talent pool to fuel growth, expand reach, and cut costs. This paradigm shift, which began a decade ago but accelerated with the […]

10 Tips for Creating an Onboarding Checklist for New Hires

Your company just made a new hire? Congratulations to you and your new employee(s). Whether you’ve made one or two hires or are conducting a mass-hiring campaign, there are a lot of moving pieces involved with onboarding new hires. As many HR personnel will tell you, the hiring process isn’t over when the acceptance call […]

Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month: 9 Reasons to Hire People with Disabilities

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), and we celebrate the contributions of America’s workers with disabilities. Sadly, even in this day and age, many companies are still reluctant to hire people with disabilities because of the misguided beliefs they have about doing so. They think it will cost the organization money in extra […]

3 Ways Healthcare CEOs Are Addressing Workforce Challenges

Innovation is a must when addressing evolving workforce needs. Between the labor shortages, diminished margins, accelerating competition, and even leadership vacancies, there’s a perfect storm of workforce factors pressing CEOs. CEOs need to employ meticulous strategies to rein in costs while creatively thinking about building a sustainable workforce. Innovation is key for CEOs while they […]