It’s hard to talk HR at all today without talking HR Technology. From your ATS to your HRIS we’ve got all of your tech acronyms covered in this category.

HR Strategies for Ensuring Patient Data Privacy

According to an American Medical Association survey, “Nearly 75% of people are concerned about protecting the privacy of their health data.” It’s scary to think that the wrong person could get a hold of such personal information and misuse it. But it’s happened. Data breaches have affected millions of patients. Hence the hesitation to trust […]

Reimagining HR: The Role of AI in Modern Organizations

In the ever-evolving landscape of today’s business world, organizations are constantly searching for innovative ways to enhance efficiency and elevate the employee experience (EX). HR leaders have come to recognize the need to pivot away from traditional EX strategies and embrace artificial intelligence (AI)-powered approaches that align with the evolving demands of their workforce. In […]

Demand for AI Skills Far Outpaces Supply

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a high-tech revolution that has been around for a while. But it’s reached peak attention recently with the advent and rapid adoption of generative AI (GenAI) apps like ChatGPT and Bard. But as interest and adoption increase, both are outpacing the availability of people with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to […]

Virtual Reality Is the Future of Employee Training

From operating an oil rig in the middle of the ocean to active shooter drills, much of the cost, complexity, and danger in training can be reduced or eliminated by incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology. Traditional training methods require classrooms with paid instructors, equipment, learning tools, and occasionally travel expenses. Most companies simply don’t have […]

What to Do When People Analytics Present a Dead End

People analytics are ubiquitous in today’s increasingly digital-first workplaces. The rationale is simple: People analytics, also known as HR analytics or talent analytics, provide a data-driven approach to managing people at work. For many leaders, it’s an extension of the data-driven ethos that already informs everything from customer engagement to product development, making it a […]

How Technology Can Address the Growing Safety Concerns of Frontline Workers

There’s a serious disconnect in the frontline workspace. Many businesses are unaware that over 58% of employees believe the risk of being physically harmed on the job is rising. Additionally, 40% of them reported an increase in concerns about personal safety just in the last year. They no longer feel safe. There are a few reasons that […]

Which Jobs Are (Currently) Safest from an AI Takeover?

Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. While many do like it, many others have concerns, including employees who may fear AI has the potential to replace them. Still, certain roles remain uniquely human, resisting the AI takeover. A recent article from BBC Worklife delves into this important topic, highlighting jobs […]

HR Should Play a Key Role in Incident Response

人力资源专业网络安全的关键作用s play are more urgent topics than ever in today’s digital landscape. You may think cybersecurity is solely an information technology (IT) department concern, but think again. While IT handles the technical aspects, HR can make or break the human element by educating staff, enforcing policies, and communicating effectively. […]

Embrace the Global Workforce with Minimal Risk and Maximum Reward

In today’s interconnected world, traditional workforce concepts are rapidly changing. Some might even argue they have all but evaporated. As technology advances and communication barriers diminish, companies increasingly are tapping into the global talent pool to fuel growth, expand reach, and cut costs. This paradigm shift, which began a decade ago but accelerated with the […]

Leveraging Collaboration Software for Remote and Hybrid Work

Our world has turned decidedly digital, and in this environment, the way we work and communicate has experienced a seismic shift, driven largely by pandemic experiences. No longer confined by physical workspaces, interactions have expanded beyond four walls, creating new teams that are increasingly remote, flexible, and global. In this new environment, collaboration software has […]