人力资源工作打破了:今天的前5名人力资源术语Infographic Part 3

Are you up to date on HR’s latest lingo? In addition to this week’s episode, HR Work Break again takes a look into trending phrases in the HR space. And, be sure to check out Josh Zygmont’s episode of HR Works on the first buzz word, achievement intelligence. Check out this infographic to learn more! […]

HR Work Break Presents: How to Write an Effective Performance Improvement Plan Infographic

Part of being a strong leader is to guiding employees toward success. This can take many forms, including a performance improvement plan. Performance improve plans are meant as an employee retention tool, but they tend to give employees anxiety. To learn how to reshape these plans as an opportunity for growth, check out our latest […]

Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

“我们必须继续努力是great places to work by offering flexible benefits, positive work culture, and opportunities for growth and development while also trying to be a great place to be from,” said John Ferguson, CHRO at NASCAR, at SHRM 2023. There are countless unique qualities to every workforce, So, how can […]

Transgender Inclusion at Work Infographic

Ben Green; CEO, speaker, and consultant at BG Trans Talks; spoke at SHRM 2023 about transgender inclusion in the workplace. As a trans man, he’s an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, active allyship, and DEI initiatives. Check out our infographic for essential information and best practices for those actively trying to build a safe and […]

Essential Stay Interview Questions Infographic

In 2020, only 28% of companies conducted stay interviews. Stay interviews are tool to check and improve employee engagement, company culture, and retention. But, do you know what questions to ask? Check out our infographic for 4 essential questions to ask during a stay interview. For more best practices, be sure to check out Kylie […]

Are You a Fuzzy Communicator? Infographic

Workplace communication has a direct impact on productivity, employee engagement, and retention. In fact, a McKinsey study found that teams with effective communication strategies were 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers. So, is your team a well-oiled collaboration machine, or is it plagued with ineffective communicators? Check out this infographic for warnings signs […]

Now & Next: Burnout & Balance Infographic

As part of HR Daily Advisor‘s HR NOW Virtual Summit, we collected data on work-life balance from our audience. The latest HRDA Now & Next survey focuses on burnout and work-life balance, featuring over 2500 responses from HR professionals about the state of workplace wellness. To learn more about the effects of burnout on the […]