A Seat at the Table

A podcast focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace, featuring thoughtful conversations and insight from experts, changemakers, and leaders from the business world.

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Tapping Leadership Training to Create a Positive Workplace Culture

In the latest episode of A Seat at the Table, I am joined by Savina Perez, co-founder of Hone, the all-in-one talent development platform based on small-group, expert led, live virtual classes. Savina’s passion for DEI is both personal and professional as she helps leaders uncover bias in the workplace – and offers data points […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Planting Seeds for a Positive Culture

Building a better culture is a wise investment in your organization’s future. Like a gardener, organizations must keep their garden (workplace) healthy and productive. So, what does this entail? Well, mindfulness and intentionality are key. And that starts with being intentional about what seeds you plant in your organization. My guest today is all about […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Weaving DEIB into the Fabric of Workplace Culture

In the latest episode of A Seat at the Table, Leslie Wingo, DEIB Strategic Consultant and CEO of Sanders\Wingo, an independent advertising agency that specializes in multicultural marketing, joins to discuss the importance of storytelling within and about DEIB, the value of listening to understand, why DEIB cannot be “lip service,” and more.

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Supporting Your Workforce with Divorce Benefits

我们都知道,divorce can be costly. According to a recent study, the average divorce can cost upward of $15,000 – and if you have disputes over finances or custody, that number will be even higher. But did you know that divorces are costly for employers as well? Experts say relationship-related stress — especially divorce — can cause companies […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Implementing a Preferred Name at Work

This episode of A Seat at the Table is not only featured as part of HRDA’s HR Diversity week but it also celebrates Pride Month, which recognizes the impact that LGBTQ+ individuals have had on the world. This is the perfect time for HR leaders and organizations to assess their company’s DEI efforts. One of […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Preparing for Gen Z in the Workplace

大流行已经转移我们的许多重点the workplace and this includes Generation Z. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index Annual Report, 51% of Gen-Z employees are more likely to prioritize health and well-being over work. Gen Zers also want to see values reflected in their workplace as well as diversity and inclusion. […]

A Seat at the Table: Addressing and Overcoming Racially-Fueled Workplace Bullying

In the latest episode of “A Seat,” we discuss how organizations can address racially-fueled workplace bullying. A survey by Gallup last year found that workplace bullying disproportionately affects Black and Hispanic Americans. Key findings of this survey also found that: Workplace discrimination causes disengagement and undermines wellbeing; and Greater inclusivity starts with an awareness of […]

A Seat at the Table: Consciously Creating an Inclusive & Humane Culture

New research has shown that during the pandemic our professional network shrank by 16 percent, which is about 200 people. Today, connection is more important than ever. So, how can we stay connected in a post-COVID workplace? It all starts with culture. In the latest episode of “A Seat at the Table,” I’m joined by […]

A Seat at the Table: Advancing Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Today’s A Seat is presented as part of HR Daily Advisor‘s sponsored Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Week. I’m joined by Jessica Tuman, Head of Enterprise ESG at Voya Financial. She also leads the company’s Voya Cares program, which specializes in financial planning needs and advocacy for those with special needs and disabilities, as well […]

A Seat at the Table: DEI Isn’t About Preference, It’s A Big Warm Hug

In the latest episode of A Seat at the Table, I’m joined by Adam Probolsky, an opinion researcher and President of Probolsky Research. With DEI and workplace satisfaction being critical topics for HR leaders and organizations, Adam is also here to discuss recent data on how important diverse hiring is to employees and the public. […]