3 Ways Your Company is Losing Profits to Your HCM

It’s easy: You bought your HR and payroll system — or systems, plural — to boost efficiency, keep more people, protect your bottom line and, ultimately, allow your business to grow with confidence.

和重要的储蓄不来自preexisting process a little faster. Every manual task has an implicit cost if someone’s paid to it. You may have even had to hire someone just to connect all that data. Regardless, without outright eliminating manual tasks, the ceiling on your ROI is painfully low. That doesn’t even consider how any form of data reentry — no matter how quickly it’s executed — is a compliance vulnerability.

Here’s the hard truth: If your system providers’ software isn’t built with a strategy to engage, bolster, measure and prove the value of employees’ usage, that tech is actually costing you.

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